667 Browns Ridge – Wolfeboro NH Short Sale CLOSED!

CLOSED – New Hampshire NH Short Sale – Wolfeboro/Ossippee Just finished our third sale with new agent (he’s not new but new to using our firm) George Zavas. (Re/MAX Champions http://www.homesonwinni.com/) This one couldn’t have progressed any easier.  Listed 4/10/2012 and went under contract 5/7/2012 – and we just closed it last Friday 7/6/2012 – […]

WELCOME Short Sale Negotiator Liz Brown!

Short Sale Mitigation, LLC / AA Premier Properties, LLC is THRILLED to have Liz Brown added to our short sale team for Massachusetts and New Hampshire homeowners!  Liz has years of Real Estate experience under her belt and experienced and is a trusted real estate advisor providing services in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Liz Brown is […]

The LENGTH of a Short Sale; Negotiation Beginning to End – Case Study New Hampshire GMAC Sale

We negotiate short sales in Massachusetts and New Hampshire Primarily (and a few other states) and I would say the number one question we get from homeowners is, “How long will my short sale take?”

Well there is no easy way to answer this question. There are many factors that influence the length of a short sale, so I thought I would try to explain what will impact your sale length and then give you a case study of the GMAC short sale we just received approval on.

3rd Party Negotiations (buyer paid fees) Offer Seller HOPE

My very first conversation with her left me with more hope than we had had in over 2 years. She very kindly listened to me ramble on for what must have seemed like hours, late into the
afternoon describing our circumstances. She actually took the time to listen and respond to our fears and concerns. More importantly, she had some wonderful advice to offer and let us know that although there was a time crunch, we should not despair. She reassured us that although it felt like things were hopeless, there still may be a glimmer of a chance to halt our impending foreclosure and sell our house.
That first phone call led to a relationship that extends much deeper than business in my husbands and my eyes.

Bad BPO? Fight it.

I’ve learned some interesting things from the agents we work with. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had an agent call into the office after a BPO was finished only to learn the BPO agent was also an REO agent for the same lender. This is a BIG red flag. We try to do our homeowner FIRST and make sure the person valuating the property is NOT the same person who will get the listing if the property is foreclosed upon. Sometimes, they slip through the cracks.