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More bad news for HAFA short sale program

More bad news for HAFA short sale program for Massachusetts and New Hampshire Homeowners I have made it clear I am NOT a fan of HAFA. Since its inception, it has been plagued with issues. I have a homeowner we are currently working within New Hampshire who really wanted to try for a HAFA short […]

Should homeowners participate in a HAFA short sale?

SECOND lenders do not have to participate in the HAFA program so even though it’s Chase or Wells or whoever the second lender is and they independently participate in the HAFA program as a second lender on the property they do not have to comply with the HAFA program. The agent’s going into these short sales didn’t realize that. Not only were the agent’s furious about the homeowners, the lenders in both cases CUT the commission to get an approval. Imagine that? A short sale lender cutting an agent’s commission? Well THERE’S something you don’t see every day right? WRONG!!