We’ve decided to answer your questions ahead of time to the best of our ability. Any questions we don’t answer will be directed to our legal department at Kliman Law. We hope you find this page useful. PLEASE do not put your contact information on anything that you write. You may leave your first name and town. For now we will only be answering questions for Massachusetts or New Hampshire residents about the short sale process.

Nothing on this page is to be construed as legal advice and is not meant to be so. If you have legal problems, please hire an attorney and consult with him/her. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Q&A

  1. Hi, I got married last year and am thinking of doing a short sale on the multifamily I solely own. His name is not on the deed or the mortgage. Will the bank expect to look at his finances as well? Does it affect his credit?

  2. My boyfriend and I are building a home in NH. I paid cash for the land and only my name will be on the construction loan/mortgage because his home in NH got foreclosed. Is this true or do they only have 2 years to file for a deficiency judgement?

    Thank you for any information you can pass on.

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