Ocwen New Hampshire Short Sale Approval – THREE WEEKS!

Sorry, This is a quick post.  I had to share our excitement.  We submitted an Ocwen Short Sale approval for a Londonderry, NH property and got an approval in THREE WEEKS!!  YES.  1/25/2012 submission and 2/14/2012 APPROVAL.  Now Ocwen has been middle of the road to me, but maybe they are making a Bank of America move??? They are TRYING to speed up the process!!!  I’ve been very impressed in the last 6 months with Bank of America and now Ocwen gives me hope.  I HAVE to thank Danielle Tringali out of the Verani offices as she was instrumental in listing and marketing.  THANKS DANIELLE!!

Now to move along to closing.

Signing off!! 
Your Massachusetts and New Hampshire Short Sale Negotiator – EXTRODINAIRE!
Maryann Little, VP Mitigation / Negotiations

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