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Methuen Massachusetts SHORT SALE – CLOSED!

Methuen Massachusetts Short Sale

Need to give a shout out once again to Lisa Sevajian Johnson!  This was a quick short sale, but definitely not without a few headaches.  Let me just say I like working with NH Housing rather than MA Housing. They actually perform their short sales very similar and MOST loans have PMI on them, which means MOST homeowners are either bringing $$ to closing or signing a note or both, which is what happened in this case. Thankfully, we had fully prepped the homeowner having done these before.

The buyer was EXCELLENT on this sale and so was the seller, and when you have all parties fully on board and committed, it makes for an easier transaction.

Lisa Sevajian, Short Sale Listing Agent

Lisa even did a value dispute as for some reason MA Housing’s value on the property seemed somewhat higher, although, I suspect as in working with most lenders, they were just trying to get the most money possible.  We always have to keep in mind that the lender’s goal isn’t always the same as the seller or buyer, but Lisa easily found comps supporting the offer price.  The thing most lenders don’t realize is if they counter they risk losing the buyer, then the home goes back on the market and in MOST cases they will lose MORE money.  Most first offers are the highest they’ll get and the longer something is on the market, the listing becomes tougher to sell.  Thankfully after Lisa’s valuation dispute, MA Housing listened to reason.  They were ok to deal with, but I can honestly say there was DEFINITELY some discrimination we felt on this deal because the negotiator had some personal beliefs she just couldn’t oversee and somehow those beliefs made it into the sale and made it a sticky situation, but all in all the sale got done thankfully to the entire team and GREAT attorneys, including Avi Liss, and Meghan Grugnale!

Thanks Gang!
Maryann Little, VP Mitigation
Short Sale Mitigation, LLC

Short sale negotiation Massachusetts

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