CLOSED! Chapter 13 Malborough MA Short Sale! Thanks EXIT REALTY! Fannie / Greentree

CLOSED! Chapter 13 Malborough MA Short Sale! Thanks EXIT REALTY!


Malborough Massachusetts Short Sale

I wasn’t sure what to expect on this one.  We were working with a new agent, Debbie Jean, from Exit Realty.   I’m don’t know the full history of the sale as we just got the sale this year, but I guess this was the third maybe fourth attempt to get a sale to go through on this Fannie backed property.  Anyone dealing with Fannie knows their valuations are quite askew so Debbie’s frustration didn’t surprise me.  All I could tell her is we would do our best and that we did know a little about doing a short sale while in active Bankruptcy.  Debbie is great to work with.

You will need court review AND approval of the sale so even when you get short sale approval, if you’ve cleared that hurdle, you need Bankruptcy COURT approval.

Anyways, after the first buyer dropped out, the second stepped in.  We went back and forth on the contract and finally submitted our package once again to Greentree.  My issue with Greentree is they are slow and the left hand NEVER knows what the right is doing, but thankfully even though we knew the value would be high, we could at least dual track it with Homepath, which we did.

Debbie Jean Exit Realty Short Sale Specialist

The one thing I think Julie and I have learned with Greentree is they will ignore you throughout the entire sale until approval.  The minute you get approval, you will get HOUNDED to close.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t just CLOSE.  We now had to get court approval and thankfully Matt Desrochiers, Esq did some running around for us and literally got court approval on the LAST day the approval was good, and then of course the wire had to get out on time.  Julie and I couldn’t have done it without the Grugnale team.

Anyways, it was a great way to end 2013 and SWEET way to enter 2014 – Thank you Debbie Jean for giving us the opportunity to work with you.  It was a pleasure

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