CLOSED – Another Worcester Massachusetts Reverse Mortgage SHORT SALE!

And the Massachusetts Short Sale Negotiators for Worcester do it AGAIN!  First we are Reverse Mortgage Short Sale PROs – We love them and love to negotiate them so if you have a reverse mortgage short sale in NH or MA and need assistance, we have done these and closed them with EASE!  We want your reverse mortgage short sales if you don’t want them and I have agents who will pay 50% commission on reverse mortgage short sales if you still want to make some $$$!

A few tips if you plan on negotiating reverse mortgage short sales in New Hampshire or Massachusetts:

1) If the seller is deceased, please have probate paperwork in hand

2) understand that the lender is going to want to NET 95% of the appraised value

3) the lender will obtain the appraised value/sometimes the seller

4) if the seller is alive, they are expected to sign all docs

Thanks to Julie in our office who negotiated this amazing sale and of course, Grugnale law which assisted with closing, title etc.

Once again, the REVERSE MORTGAGE #SHORTSALE NEGOTIATORS have CLOSED another short sale!


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