CLOSED! Another Haverhill, Massachusetts Short Sale!

CLOSED! Another Haverhill, Massachusetts Short Sale!

96 Summer
Haverhill Massachusetts Short Sale

A big thanks to Debbie Kruzel.   Debbie is an amazing agent out of Keller Williams in Andover.  We were able to give a class at her brokerage last summer and thankfully Debbie has put her trust in us.  We are very grateful and thankful to Debbie.

This was a Bayview backed Short Sale with one lien.  They were holding firm on the value which Debbie did end up getting.  Bayview IS one of my favorite servicers.  They are fast, not paperwork heavy, and usually you are dealing directly with the asset manager and not some middle person which makes them very very efficient.

Initially they wanted to deny the homeowner, but after some clarification on finances, the sale went through.

Of course we could not have gotten this sale closed without the amazing help of Julie on our staff, Debbie, and Grugnale law who makes the short sale process very very efficient.

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