Short Sales Massachusetts New Hampshire

A VALUATION tip for Real Estate Agents doing short sales in NH or Massachusetts

A VALUATION tip for Real Estate Agents doing short sales in NH or Massachusetts Ok, really this is a tip for any Realtor that does short sales in Massachusetts, New Hampshire or ANYWHERE! First, if you are currently an agent that works with us for negotiation we are changing our policy on BPO’s so BE […]

Should you hire a 3rd party short sale negotiator? Processor? Massachusetts New Hampshire

Should you Hire a 3rd party short sale Negotiator? Massachusetts EXPERT – It’s often I see that term used to describe someone involved in short sales.  It’s pretty scary.  I’ve seen it as a designation for many agents after a weekend course.  I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt NO ONE is […]

You cannot negotiate a short sale PERIOD without being compliant with new laws!

I’ve spoken to quite a few of the Realtors that refer to us and there are so many that were unaware at how this affected them. Let me preface this blog by stating I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve spoken with 3 independent attorneys in the last month all who have reviewed the MARS FTC ruling and the ONLY EXEMPTIONS are for attorneys (in particular cases) and even attorneys negotiating short sales have to make some changes. I have YET to see New Hampshire or Massachusetts come forward with a public statement OR any assistance with forms. Considering the extremely conservative approach New Hampshire took with their bulletin on the SAFE act, I’m shocked they weren’t on top of the MARS FTC compliance issues. NAR, MAR and NHAR seem to be asleep on this subject.

Knowing your tax ramifications from Massachusetts or New Hampshire Short Sales

Short sales are risky and scary for most homeowners, but being armed with valuable information regarding all possible outcomes usually sets homeowner’s minds at ease. The alternative is far
more devastating than the risk of a short sale, but knowing ahead of time what you face assists homeowners and agents in making the best decisions possible.

Don’t Under Estimate a Homeowner’s Motivation in Your Short Sale Success

There are hundreds of reasons why a short sale may not close. There are far to many variables to list, but one of the biggest qualifiers for me when assessing whether or not we will work with a homeowner is their motivation factor. It’s dooms day in case you haven’t noticed in Massachusetts and New […]

Neat phone call today from appraiser who understood LIQUIDATION VALUE!!

Many of the short sales in Massachusetts and New Hampshire that we purchase are homes where the homeowner was facing a foreclosure. We have been very successful in getting that foreclosure stopped so we can start negotiating the short sale. One of the most important aspects of the short sale process is the BPO. BPO […]

AMAZING DEAL on EXQUISITE PROPERT in Newbury, Massachusetts

Fabulous opportunity to own an amazing home in Newbury. This home boasts FIVE bedrooms and 3.5 baths (town card says 3 beds) and was custom built. If you want space, this is your place. Talk about opportunity for an at home business as well with a HUGE 3 level garage and workshop area. This garage is heated!!

This home won’t last!! If you’re ready to close and looking for space in Newbury, THIS IS THE PLACE for you.

Deficiency vs. Deficiency Judgment in Short Sales and Foreclosures for New Hampshire and Massachusetts Homeowners

People misunderstand the terms deficiency and deficiency judgment when explaining the risks in short sales or foreclosure actions. It is easy to do. Short sales and foreclosures are confusing for most homeowners. Even after explaining the potential outcomes of a short sale or foreclosure in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, homeowners still are overwhelmed.