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MASSACHUSETTS SHORT SALE HAFA program has ended for all Loss Mitigation efforts

Do not promise your short sale homeowners a moving incentive until we talk to them.  Here’s why! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

Short Sale Negotiation Approval in Brockton MASSACHUSETTS

Short Sale Negotiation Approval in Brockton MASSACHUSETTS Our loss mitigation efforts in Brockton, Massachusetts finally paid off.  This sale came in while I was away and Nick did the intake.  I called this woman when I was back because I became highly aware she had an auction scheduled on her property.  The property was listed […]

I canNOT Advise You on Whether You Should Stop Paying Your Massachusetts Mortgage to Complete a Short Sale!

I canNOT Advise You on Whether You Should Stop Paying Your Massachusetts Mortgage to Complete a Short Sale! This is the number one question I get from homeowners who work with us and aren’t in default.  It’s unfortunate too, but I will not advise a homeowner on whether or not they should stop making payments […]

Thank you to the BEST Short Sale List Agents in New Hampshire and Massachusetts (Maine too)

We have to thank the amazing homeowners and Realtors that we work with. We’ve been so busy with short sale files we needed to hire TWO new negotiators to service our clients in the most efficient and effective way possible, which allowed us to enter 2012 with a bang. Thank you to Tom Guirk from […]

NO – YOU control the list price – Massachusetts Short Sales

We’ve had a lot of new homeowners call us lately for assistance with short sales.  We assign these listings to the more experienced agents we’ve worked with.  We’ve worked with agents from Keller Williams, Remax, Century 21, Weichart, and many others. On occasion we have to work with a new agent.  We work with the […]

Submitting Multiple Contracts to the Mortgage Lender – For Massachusetts or NH Short Sales (or not submitting at all!!)

The second phone call I got was from a Massachusetts agent who told me he doesn’t even submit purchase contracts to the lender, but can get an approval. WHAT?!?!? After digging a bit further, I discovered he only submitted the “offer to purchase” – His reasoning was, why should we involve the lawyers up front. I almost fell off my chair.

A tip for Real Estate Agents doing short sales in NH or Massachusetts

Ok, really this is a tip for any Realtor that does short sales in Massachusetts, New Hampshire or ANYWHERE! First, if you are currently an agent that works with us for negotiation we are changing our policy on BPO’s so BE AWARE. Short Sale Mitigation, LLC now requires all agent to set up their appointment […]

Should you hire a 3rd party short sale negotiator? Processor? Massachusetts New Hampshire

Should you Hire a 3rd party short sale Negotiator? EXPERT – It’s often I see that term used to describe someone involved in short sales.  It’s pretty scary.  I’ve seen it as a designation for many agents after a weekend course.  I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt NO ONE is an […]