Bankruptcy and Short Sales

Easy way to find out the INVESTOR of your loan in your short sale

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Easy way to find out the INVESTOR of your loan in your short sale
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How to find the INVESTOR of your Short Sale Loan | Maryann Little CEO assists Massachusetts Short Sale & Foreclosure Homeowners with Loss Mitigation Services 978-384-0032

Massachusetts Loss Mitigation GONE WRONG! – Goldman Sachs – Shellpoint and the AG’s office

Massachusetts Loss Mitigation GONE WRONG! Loss Mitigation – most people don’t know really what this term means, but for those who work in Short Sales or in the default department of a bank it’s as familiar as morning coffee. I haven’t posted much this year.  We were busy getting our Realtor website for Massachusetts Loss […]

Massachusetts Short Sales – Your Bank Statements and Pay stubs

Massachusetts Short Sales – Your Bank Statements and Pay stubs Pay attention to your Massachusetts short sale when you are sending in your documentation, ESPECIALLY your bank statements and pay stubs!! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this […]

Done! We closed a Boxford Massachusetts Short Sale coupled by Bankruptcy!

Another beautiful short sale home CLOSED with Lisa Sevajian Johnson of Re/Max in Boxford, Massachusetts.  After the first buyer dropped out and the homeowner filed bankruptcy, we weren’t sure how this short sale would play out, but the sheer endurance of Lisa and the patience of the new buyers represented by Dennis Marks out of […]

How does Bankruptcy Affect Your Short Sale? Massachusetts New Hampshire Maine

Short Sales in Massachusetts are detailed enough without having to add the entanglement of a bankruptcy. Because there is so much confusion surrounding short sales and bankruptcy, I thought I would do a follow up interview to my 2010 Short Sale Bankruptcy Interview with Attorney Jessica Greenwood. I’ve had so much positive feedback on that […]

Bankruptcy and Short Sales in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. How does bankruptcy affect your short sale?

We have done enough short sales to see our fair share of bankruptcies occur. There is an impact to a homeowner’s credit and their short sale if they file bankruptcy. Homeowner’s in need of filing need to speak to an experienced attorney if they are considering bankruptcy as an option to stall a foreclosure or capture their deficiency from a short sale. I would even suggest they find a bankruptcy attorney that also specializes in Real Estate.