Back from Vaca – All is Well With Chase Short Sale – Auction Stopped in Derry, NH

Three days before I was to leave on vacation, we got a frantic call from a homeowner in Derry, NH.  They had an auction scheduled with Chase the following Wednesday (7 days later) – I put the team in motion.  Talk about anxiety, not just for me, but for the poor homeowner.  I had a whole package put together two days later and submitted before I left. 

Nick took over, and thanfully updated me via email.  AUCTION POSTPONED!!!  Wahoooo.  We could not have done it without the help of  Tom McGuirk (Weichart Realtors) and we had Jessica Greenwood, esq. (bankruptcy attorney) on speed dial in case we were not successful.  THANKFULLY WE WERE!

I have to give it to the amazing brokers, agents, homeowners, etc., that we surround ourselves with because they all lend a hand in our success.

Maryann Little –
VP –
Massachusetts and New Hampshire pre-foreclosure acquisition and negotiation
Massachusetts Short Sales
New Hampshire Short Sales

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