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From Broker Nick Aalerud and VP of Mitigation, Maryann Little

Massachusetts Short Sales is an informational blog to for homeowners and agents.

We provide TIMELY relevant news, opinions, and publications related to short sales and our mitigation services through Short Sale Mitigation, LLC (a Massachusetts based short sale loss mitigation service) and also through AA Premier Properties, LLC (which is a New Hampshire Brokerage)

We work with homeowners, agents, investors, lawyers, etc., and provide short sale facilitation. We primarily service the states of New Hampshire and Massachusetts, but have recently branched out to other areas of the country because of the demand.

We have an extremely rigid process when it comes to getting a short sale closed and work very close with everyone involved. We have an automated system that alerts all parties when there has been activity with a short sale file and our average closing time is about 4.25 months. We have over 50 lender packets on file ready to go when a referral comes in.

We work with PROGRESSIVE real estate agents. If you are open to seeing new approaches to short sales, we would be thrilled to work with you.

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