3rd Party Negotiations (buyer paid fees) Offer Seller HOPE

3rd party Short Sale Negotiator New Hampshire obtains $23,000 for Seller

I don’t normally post short sale testimonials on our blog site. LOL..you just get my tireless banter on this site.  You can read the testimonials if you have any interest in the Short Sale Mitigation site, but I’ve NEVER had a testimonial like this. I shared it with Nick who agreed that this by far, HAD to be published in multiple locations.  We were very lucky to have met this family and are so blessed to have been able to work with them and we could NOT have asked for a better outcome for them. ON OCCASION we can get a lender to agree to a payout to a seller on a short sale in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, but if we do, it’s usually a small amount. This sale we were able to obtain $23,000 for the seller. We were thrilled. Please read this incredible testimonial below —–

Short Sale Negotiator
Maryann Little, VP Mitigation
Short Sale Negotiation Massachusetts / New Hampshire

Our story, like so many other people out there, is a testament to the difficulties facing so many people in our country today.  My husband and I were literally being held hostage by a large corporate bank in what felt like a no-win situation.  We had family and friends telling us to forget trying to sell, to walk away, and declare bankruptcy.  We were literally in the last weeks of free time before being forced into foreclosure by the bank.  Efforts to work with the bank failed miserably and we were told by the bank that we had exhausted all avenues with them and they were taking our house.  Needless to say, we were angry and devastated at the same time.

I happened to be driving my son to an activity one day and noticed a sign that said “Chris Buys Houses” with a phone number to call.  I figured what the heck, why not give it a try?  So I called and spoke to “Chris” who told us he couldn’t help us but he knew of a company, more directly a woman, who had a company working with people in our situation. He asked if it would be alright to contact her and have her get in touch with me.  I said yes, after all, what could it hurt?  

Within an hour, I was receiving a call from Maryann Little from Short Sale Mitigation, LLC / AA Premier Properties, LLC.  My very first conversation with her left me with more hope than we had had in over 2 years.  She very kindly listened to me ramble on for what must have seemed like hours, late into the afternoon describing our circumstances.  She actually took the time to listen and respond to our fears and concerns.  More importantly, she had some wonderful advice to offer and let us know that although there was a time crunch, we should not despair.  She reassured us that although it felt like things were hopeless, there still may be a glimmer of a chance to halt our impending foreclosure and sell our house.

That first phone call led to a relationship that extends much deeper than business in my husbands and my eyes.  Maryann and her team have been a shining light of hope in a very dark time in our lives!!  They have been instrumental in helping us to actually come to terms with a very unwilling and unmotivated bank and sell our home on a short sale!!  This process has been a long and drawn-out battle that started in April of 2010 and will be coming to closure in December!!  Through it all, Maryann and her team have been right there for us!! Phone calls have been answered immediately, e-mails and faxes responded to at all times of the day into the night, and the support has been unwavering and amazing!! 

Through professional grace and grit, they got us list agent Tom McGuirk who aggressively marketed our home starting in May this year and he got an offer.  They met resistance with the bank and pushed right back at them.  In essence, they let the bank know they would not be backing down! The outcome has been more than favorable for us in that we have reached an agreement with the bank. The bank will not be pursuing us for any deficiency AND we are getting some funds for relocation fees and an incentive for the sale from the bank.  Our home is being sold to another family who will be living in the house and care for it the way it should be.   All of this comes with my husband and I not having to fork over thousands of dollars to Short Sale Mitigation. We didn’t have to pay for a company that may or may not have been able to meet our needs.  The services they provided were covered by the buyer, which is the way I understand they set up all their contracts.  They never asked us, the already strapped sellers, to handle their fees in addition to what we were already dealing with!! 

The best thing is we are able to walk away with our heads held high knowing that this awful time in our lives is over.  All in all, we feel as if we have a chance at a new lease on life and new beginnings that would not have been possible if we had not been put in contact with this amazing company, more directly this amazing woman!!  Thank you a million times over couldn’t come close to fulfilling the appreciation we have for all they have done for us!!  We will be sending their names and contact  information to our friends and acquaintances who find themselves in the same disparaging situation we were in for so many months. 

Our deepest appreciation and heartfelt gratitude will always be with them!!


Leslie and Christopher Marsh

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