Massachusetts Service Member finally has his mortgage discharged two years after Ditech issued it.

I’m so happy to announce that we can update my previous post.  We were doing a short sale negotiation with Carrington as the servicer.  When we pulled title, there was a Ditech second mortgage on title that had been DISCHARGED two years earlier.  We contacted Ditech to ask them if they were planning on recording their discharge and were told that the owner OWED the entire mortgage amount???? No, I’m looking at a 1099C where you discharged the mortgage.  In Massachusetts a servicer has 45 days to record the mortgage after discharge.   It had been TWO YEARS.  We fought and fought and they would not discharge.  They kept saying they, “made a mistake” – Well honor your mistake.  The division of banking in Massachusetts did finally help.  ALL IS now right in the world of Short Sale Mitigation.

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