Massachusetts Order Notice? Received One? Call US and we can explain your possible options!

Massachusetts Order Notice? Received One?  Call US and we can explain your possible options!

We have been getting increasing calls in the last few months from homeowners who have received an order notice.  The notice at the top reads like this:

TO: homeowner name
and to all persons entitle to the benefit of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act; 50 U. S. C. App…


claiming to have an interest in a mortgage covering real property in YOUR TOWN/CITY ..given by


Massachusetts Order Notice



You can see and read it here, but this is just one step your lender is taking to properly foreclose on your property in Massachusetts.  Don’t get nervous.  Not yet anyways, but you should make an action plan as to what you are going to do with your property.  Can you work with your lender for a forbearance, modification of your mortgage, refinance, can you pay all missed payments and arrears?  You may be at a point that none of those options will work.  Maybe you have filed bankruptcy, and your house sits in limbo with no equity, while you still have to maintain and upkeep it.  Anyways, one of your last stops may be a short sale, which is where we have assisted HUNDREDS of homeowners in the state of Massachusetts.  We are quite familiar with the increased rate of order notices we’ve seen.  We’ve seen a rise in short sales over the last few months and are here to answer your questions about the short sale process.  Even if you want a modification, we can direct you to a wonderful firm ready to assist.  There is NO CHARGE to a borrower of a loan for our services, and if you are interested in a short sale, we are one of the most experienced short sale negotiation firms in the state of Massachusetts.

Call us today at 978-384-0032 to find out your SHORT SALE OPTIONS! – We do TONS of post bankruptcy sales too.



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