CLOSED – Salem MA SHORT SALE with Bank of America and Greentree

CLOSED – Salem MA SHORT SALE with Bank of America and Greentree

This was an investor sale.  We have numerous short sale rehabbers, flippers, etc., in Massachusetts who market and then will ask us to negotiate through the mess of the loan.  We are very lucky to work with them.  The investors that work with us ALL KNOW that if we cannot get the house for the price all parties can agree on, they kindly will step out of the scene so we can try to obtain an offer that will satisfy the bank.

This Salem, MA property was this type of sale.  It was a duplex actually owned by an investor and his father.  They were excellent to deal with.  Paperwork came in fast and there was no delay which is a huge part of the short sale puzzle.  The selling investor was selling multiple properties off so thankfully we were able to reuse a lot of the same paperwork.  Interestingly, they called us LAST WEEK to negotiate even one more sale.  This particular seller has worked with us on FOUR properties.

We have been very lucky on every sale thus far that not one lender decided to pursue the deficiency, ask for a note, or cash at closing.

We had this sale approved in 30 days.  Both Bank of America and Greentree agreed on settlement and we closed!!

Thanks gang for all your hard work!!


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