CLOSED Hanson MA Short Sale with Cheryl Dwyer!

CLOSED Hanson, Massachusetts Short Sale with Cheryl Dwyer!


Hanson MA FHA PFS Short Sale

I’ve officially lost count of how many #shortsales in #Massachusetts we’ve closed with Cheryl Dwyer as the listing agent. She is a rock star in the short sale world and this one was no exception, nor was it easy or quick.

This was an FHA sale which has it’s own set of guidelines. The important thing to know about FHA short sales is start them as soon as possible otherwise you’ll be MONTHS trying to get ATP especially if it’s serviced by Wells Fargo. There was also a lag because of the government shutdown, but between you and I th

Short Sale Agent Massachusetts Cheryl Dwyer

Short Sale Agent Massachusetts Cheryl Dwyer

at should only knocked homeowners back about 30 days.

This homeowner had to move for work purposes and thankfully he had Cheryl on his side. We were able to do most everything via email and fax and after MONTHS of back

and forth by Wells and poor Cheryl running around, this sale finally closed.

YES I’m behind on my blog postings so now it’s time to get out there and give credit where it is due!

Thank you Cheryl, Kelly and of course Grunale Law for pulling this all together.
It’s a GREAT team.

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