CLOSED! Haverhill Massachusetts Short Sale – Massachusetts Short Sales

CLOSED! Haverhill Massachusetts Short Sale – Massachusetts Short Sales

Haverhill, MA Short Sale

Can a title issue kill your short sale?  Sort of. This Haverhill Massachusetts Short Sale had a discharge that the title company was determined to track down, however, despite their diligent efforts they just couldn’t obtain it by the time we received all lien approvals. Unfortunately the buyer walked because title wasn’t clear.

I can’t stress how important it is to pull title at the beginning of a sale. We did that but even despite our efforts, this was a tough title to clear. Thankfully we had one of the best agents in Merrimack Valley for short sales. If you haven’t worked with Lisa Sevajian Johnson yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. She is one of the best agents I’ve ever encountered. She is thorough, aggressive and can get the job done.

She remarketed the property and got the house sold in record time. I wish we didn’t have to start over in the approval process, but that is common. By the time the second approvals came in, the buyer was ready to close and liens were cleared.

Lisa Sevajian Johnson - Short Sale Agent Merrimack Valley

Anyways, this Grandview Ave Haverhill MA short sale closed with the amazing team of Short Sale Mitigation, LLC, Lisa Sevajian Johnson, LLC – Grunale Law and of course Julie in our office.

Thanks for all the help.
The Short Sale Closers!

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