CLOSED! Randolph Massachuetts Short Sale – We bring the closing TO YOU!

Randolph MA Short Sale

I always say it’s a team effort to close a short sale and this case was no exception. Cheryl Dwyer AKA Cheryl Short Sale worked her tail off on this. This was an AMTRUST short sale. They are NOT that easy to deal with, but our lead negotiator Julie persevered and got the approval for a older home seller looking to retire.

Our buyer, who originally told us he was cash, turned out to be financed and anyone who knows how we run our company knows this sort of thing will drive me insane. BUYERS GET YOUR FINANCING IN ORDER BEFORE SHORT SALE APPROVAL.

Cheryl Short Sale - Massachusetts Short Sale agent

We want to close the property the minute we get short sale approval, but NOPE THREE extensions later we finally close, but not before it’s the last day of the approval letter, and the buyer THEN calls Cheryl to say he cannot make the 12:00 PM closing and can we switch it to 4:00 PM – UM NO, because we wouldn’t be on record in time, so THIS is where I can’t stress enough having a good title attorney helps. Our title attorney, Meghan Grugnale, esq DROVE to the workplace of the buyer and closed the sale in time to go on record, and get wires out before the short sale approval letter expired.

Our small army, got one small sale completed by working together. I can’t thank everyone enough.

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