Brockton Massachusetts Short Sale CLOSED!

I always say, “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best,” when I know we are dealing with a lender that can be tricky to deal with. Greentree is not known for their short sale ease. They are similar to a collections attorney and can be extremely difficult to deal with.

This sale was a question mark from the beginning. First, it was a referral from an attorney office (Flavia da-Silva Benson – out of Gilmartin Magence, and Ross) and second we were working with listing agent who we had never worked with before. I know this is hard to believe, but some listing agents can work against the process and of course it can harm the sale. At the beginning I was unsure if the cards were stacked against us or not.

The property started at over $149,000 for its listing price, and sold close to $90,000 so I was unsure if Greentree would not see how hard the agent tried to market it and would hold out for a higher price, but thankfully we had an investor step in to purchase and the cards fell in the right order.

Linda Lyons - Short Sale Agent

I was extremely grateful to work with Linda Lyons out of Coldwell Banker in Sharon. I was apprehensive because we had never worked with her and wasn’t sure how she would work with a third party short sale negotiation firm, but we were really happy at her response time, diligence, and professionalism. To be honest, we could not have done it without every person involved, from Linda, to the homeowner, to Flavia, Julie in my office, the buyer, and the buyer’s attorney. It really was a team effort and WAHOOO we actually closed this with ease in record time.

Julie submitted this file and it was approved 46 days later. I mean, you can’t beat that!!

Thanks gang!
Another successful short sale negotiation in Massachusetts!

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