Realtors UNITE to sign Petition RE Unrealistic Fannie Mae Valuations

Short Sales in the last half of 2012 have seen a dramatic increase in difficulty.  We’ve experienced this with our firm slightly too.  It seems if at the beginning of the year for us short sales were smooth sailing, however, like many other negotiators we’ve seen unrealistic demands from lien holders on valuations from many of the Fannie Mae backed short sales.  These unrealistic valuations cause much harm. They drag negotiations further out, stress homeowners, cause buyers to give up, and can easily jeopardize the short sale process.  Agents throughout the country have all felt the effect that this poor valuation process has created and it has reached the top of the chain at NAR.

A petition has started to show Fannie Mae the frustration we in the real estate community have felt.  It was important for us to support those that started this petition and we ask that ALL of the agents we work with and communicate with become involved.  We urge you to circulate this petition throughout your brokerages, and at your local real estate boards to show your support in unfair valuation practices.

The link to sign the petition is here.  You must join in order to sign the petition, but it will only take a moment of your time.

Thank you for your support.

Maryann Little & Nick Aalerud
Massachusetts Short Sale Negotiation

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