Ashland Massachusetts SHORT SALE Negotiated & CLOSED!

Ashland Massachusetts Short Sale

Ashland Massachusetts SHORT SALE Negotiated & CLOSED!

This short sale had THREE mortgages. Two from GMAC and one from Nationstar. It came to us from a Bankruptcy attorney office and unfortunately was scheduled for auction fairly quickly after we got the listing. We thankfully called in Lisa Sevajian Johnson who is one of the top short sale agents in Massachusetts. With the assistance of the homeowner, we were able to get the auction stopped — TWICE!
In case you don’t know Lisa gives a 50% REFERRAL FEE in particular towns in Massachusetts.
Julie in our office negotiated this sale and all three liens got taken care of and we closed on 12/30! I’m so lucky to have worked with Lisa, Julie and everyone involved.

Lisa Sevajian Johnson - Massachusetts Short Sale Agent

I also have to give a shout out to Grugnale law who always takes care of us!!
The Short Sale Closers!
Massachusetts Short Sales
Maryann, Liz, Julie, Nick

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