Done! We closed a Boxford Massachusetts Short Sale coupled by Bankruptcy!

Boxford, Massachusetts Short Sale

Another beautiful short sale home CLOSED with Lisa Sevajian Johnson of Re/Max in Boxford, Massachusetts.  After the first buyer dropped out and the homeowner filed bankruptcy, we weren’t sure how this short sale would play out, but the sheer endurance of Lisa and the patience of the new buyers represented by Dennis Marks out of Keller Williams (Topsfield) was what we needed to get it done.

This home had two mortgages with the same lender.  Don’t be fooled.  Even if the two mortgages are with the same lender it doesn’t mean they will play nicely. Thankfully Julie in our office persevered and after countless badgering and a primary negotiator who told us NO WAY at the beginning of the sale, Julie was able to get both sides of each mortgage on board.  This was a case where the first mortgage lender did NOT want any contributions to the second lender, and we had to have the second lien holder fold and agree to those terms or we would have no deal.  It really is amazing to me that two lien holders in the same company don’t have some type of guidelines for when this occurs, but then again, NOTHING about short sales seems to be surprising these days.  The lenders seem to make their own rules with each different sale.

Lisa Sevajian, Short Sale Listing Agent

We at Short Sale Mitigation, LLC are extremely grateful for the amazing effort by all sides in this sale. We could not have done it without everyone contributing.  No short sale can be successful without a team effort and thankfully we had two amazing agents and excellent buyers and sellers to get it done!

Another one down and dozens of satisfied homeowners this year!
Massachusetts Short Sales

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