Agents in Massachusetts! Are you SICK of Short Sales? 50% REFERRAL FEE! CALL TODAY!

Agents in Massachusetts!  Are you SICK of Short Sales?  50% REFERRAL FEE! CALL TODAY!

If you are a real estate agent in Massachusetts, one of our most productive short sale agents will give a 50% referral fee!!!  I had to ask him several times to make sure I was hearing her correctly, but yes, if you want to get paid for a sale and don’t want the hassle and live in the following towns, THIS PROGRAM IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU!!  CALL NOW TO FIND OUT MORE!

This is a listing referral so you MUST contact us to have the agent list the sale.  Short Sale Mitigation, LLC negotiates short sales all over Massachusetts.  If you are looking for assistance on your upcoming short sale, CALL US TODAY to find out what we can do for you and your homeowner!

We have been active in Short Sales in Massachusetts since 2010 and have negotiated millions in default property. We teach and offer CEU’s all around Massachusetts.  This is a tiered 50% referral fee based on the sales price of the property.  This is an EXCELLENT program for an agent that doesn’t want the hassle or paperwork of a short sale.

Call us today and we will refer you to an agent willing to give up to 50% of the commission to YOU for the sale!!!


Maryann Little, VP Mitigation
Short Sale Mitigation, LLC

Massachusetts Short Sales
New Hampshire Short Sales
Maine Short Short Sales


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