CLOSED! Reading Massachusetts Short Sale!

North Reading Massachusetts Short Sale

A major shout out to Keller Williams agent Bob Gill, who had some SERIOUS patience and drive to get this deal done.  After one buyer walked and at least two months added to the sale that was unnecessary, we closed this Chase / RBS Citizens (CCO) Short Sale this week.  Bob Gill is a newer agent for us to work with and I was impressed with his professionalism, communication, and willingness to take suggestions.

Bob Gill - Keller Williams short Sale agent

Liz Brown negotiated this sale flawlessly and she too deserves a big Kudos for her communication skills with both lien holders.  FULL DEFICIENCY RELEASE for the homeowners.  We are grateful.

Another successful Massachusetts short sale from THE SHORT SALE CLOSERS!
Liz, Maryann, Nick and Julie
Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and now New York Short Sales!

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