HORN TOOT!! Watch out, we’re tooting our short sale own horn!!

I’ve seen a lot so far in this short sale business.  I would say 90% of the agents we deal with are AMAZING.  Then you have the other 10% who just don’t seem to “get it”, but the one thing that we TRULY enjoy is when a buyer’s agent likes our service enough to give us praise.

We just closed on an investment property in Conway, New Hampshire.  The buyer’s agent was a bit intimidating to start, but I knew he knew his stuff because he asked all the right questions.   When the sale closed this is what we received:

Thank you for all your work, the fee that seemed to high now seems to low. I do not think this would have come to closing ahead of the auction without your efforts. I will enthusiastically provide your name to those in need of your services. You are as good at what you do as I try to be at what I do.

Jim Doucette,
Bean Group
Buyer’s Agent

The buyer’s agent is on the other side of the transaction and they are EQUALLY important in creating a successful closing and I can honestly say the same thing about Jim.  He did a fantastic job, and we worked out miner bumps that we couldn’t have without his effort.

There is nothing that makes us smile as much as when a buyer’s agent gives us props.  Thanks Jim.  You made our week.

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