3rd Party Negotiations (buyer paid fees) Offer Seller HOPE

My very first conversation with her left me with more hope than we had had in over 2 years. She very kindly listened to me ramble on for what must have seemed like hours, late into the
afternoon describing our circumstances. She actually took the time to listen and respond to our fears and concerns. More importantly, she had some wonderful advice to offer and let us know that although there was a time crunch, we should not despair. She reassured us that although it felt like things were hopeless, there still may be a glimmer of a chance to halt our impending foreclosure and sell our house.
That first phone call led to a relationship that extends much deeper than business in my husbands and my eyes.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We will start negotiations in MAINE!

Just a quick thank you to Pat Enright, Esq., who we’ve been communicating with to negotiate short sales in the GORGEOUS state of Maine!!! Pat and Phenix title have been amazing. Nick and I are extremely blessed. Maryann Little, VP Mitigation Nick Aalerud, Broker AA Premier Properties, Exec.VP Migitation http://shortsalemigitation.net http://twitter.com/rapidshortsales