Super Fast APPROVALS!!!

AHMSI –  We submitted a deal to AHMSI.  Property list price $279,000 – Offer $267,00 – NET TO AHMSI $244,000 – The approval came back in 5 days.  Now before become bug eyed, you should know we had a previous offer on the table, buyer walked, relisted property.  SO BPO was done already, however on the first buy from submission to response and approval was 6 weeks.  They are SUPER easy to deal with in my humble opinion, with the exception I sent the package in 4 times and FINALLY it got logged in and an auction was stopped, but it took one week.

Ocwen – To be truthful, I’m NOT a fan of Ocwen.  I find them difficult to deal with.  If there is an auction date on the property, they are a nightmare and I said to myself we would NOT be negotiating another Ocwen property if the homeowner had an auction.  HOWEVER, I am eating SOME of my words this week.  From submission to approval (NO BPO was done) was exactly 8 days.  We got approval immediately, however, we were given 2 weeks to close.  I’m not sure we will make that deadline, but the buyers are doing everything in their power to make it happen.  I’ll keep you posted.

Select Portfolio – Excellent to deal with.  At this moment they don’t assign negotiators, but you’ll get a random person in the short sale department.  From submission to approval (and they had both liens -2 total) it took under 3 weeks.  We were thrilled.

I don’t know if we are just on a roll of good luck or maybe lenders are getting the hint.  My motto is prepare for the worst, and when the worst doesn’t happen, you can be pleasantly surprized.

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